Penelope Crumb Finds Her Luck

In the third book in this series, all Penelope Crumb wants is to be someone’s “Favorite.” She’d thought she was her Grandpa Felix’s Favorite, and her mom’s Favorite, and her friend Patsy Cline’s Favorite, but she’s starting to realize that maybe she’s not. And it’s all The Bad Luck’s fault. So since Penelope’s a superb artist, she comes up with a plan—she’s going to be the boss of the mural her school is making at the Portwaller’s Blessed Home for the Aged, which will make her into everyone’s Favorite.  And maybe it’ll frighten The Bad Luck away. But things don’t quite go as planned there either. And when an old woman named Nila promises to help Penelope find her luck so everyone will like her again, things get even worse! In the end, Penelope finds out that friendships aren’t about luck—and that it doesn’t matter if you’re anyone’s Favorite when there are tons of people who love you.

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Penelope Crumb Finds Her Luck is among the Horn Book’s 2012-2013 Yearbook Superlatives!

“In the third book in this charming series…Black-and-white line drawings help bring out Penelope Crumb’s quirky and endearing personality. Fans of Clementine and Ramona Quimby will feel right at home with her.” — School Library Journal

“The first-person narrative magnifies the wacky humor of Penelope’s unique observations and phrasings, and readers can compare her (not-always-reliable) perspective with that shown in the occasional spot art.” — Horn Book

“Stout populates her story with appealing characters who shine in both snappy dialogue and Penelope’s wry yet winsome first-person narration…Although full of candies and melting Popsicles, this sweet tale is refreshing rather than cloying.” — Kirkus

“…Stout skillfully shows how people recover from misunderstandings, disagreements, and even a run of bad luck. Docampo’s illustrations provide a sweet counterpoint to Penelope’s amusingly prickly personality.” — Booklist